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COFFEE (USDA Organic Certified and Fair Trade Certified)

For years we have committed to USDA and Trans Fair USA strict guidelines to comply with their corresponding certifications; hence ensuring you, our customer and partner, the certainty that what you are buying has the legal and full endorsement seal from the USDA and Fair Trade organizations.


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If you already work with BCR you know we highly value relationships. It’s no different when it comes to sourcing our coffees. We have very strong relationships with our brokers, Cooperatives and in some cases, farmers who we purchase coffee directly from. This ensures we always get nothing but the best coffee available.

Our customers and Fans. The reason and power behind what BCR is today. From the folks who buy coffee online for home, to the hotels, coffee shops, bakeries, schools, offices, our regulars at the Bellingham Farmers Market, and many more, we can comfortably call them our friends and family. That’s how serious we take the relationships we build.

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BCR is a family. We are not a big company with goals and dreams of conquering the world. We do what we do because we are passionate about it and love sharing that passion with our customers and community. That’s why being “local” to us is not just about saying you have a business in Bellingham…it means more, to us it means treating all of our customers like family, because that’s how we see being “local” as. When you become a partner of the BCR family, you truly become part of our family.

We LOVE Bellingham, our community, and the beautiful nature that surrounds us. Supporting our local community, whether through charity events, on-going coffee donations, fundraisers, sponsorships such as being the first sponsor for Bellingham’s own Bellingham United FC, and many more, we continue to not only provide the best support to our customers but also to our community.

Thank you for being part of the BCR family. And if you are not yet, what are you waiting for! :) Try ANY of our coffees, you’ll be blown away.